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I feed all my Neapolitan Mastiff adults twice a day (8am and 4pm) by 9 months of age I have reduced them to two meals a day rather than three.

I increase the size of the meals gradually of course as the Puppy grows and feed  approx. 1Lb of Minced Ox Tripe & 1lb Minced Chicken and a scoop-large mug size of a good quality complete food like Royal Canin and I repeat this again in the afternoon around 4pm.

I also give them Raw Bones one a week, I never feed human food or tasty treats, as this tends to put them off of their normal “Dog” food.

We use the best quality raw Ox tripe and Minced raw Chicken mixed with a high grade complete dry food to feed our Mastino, all our dogs are fed twice a day, this helps reduce the possibility of Bloat (G.D.V) twisting of the stomach. 
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roma 084roma 086 Always feed the best quality food
For information on feeding your Mastino feel free to call us and discuss it, sharing ideas can help.


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Your puppy has been raised on Royal Canin Giant Breed together with raw tripe.

Royal Canin is specifically made, in this case for Large/Giant Breed puppies and takes into account their individual requirements.

These dogs should not put on weight rapidly as this can affect their joints in later life,  bones are very good for their teeth and hair and it is what they would eat naturally, but please don’t give bones that they can swallow or crunch up, big beef knuckle bones are ideal to chew on.  It keeps “waste” to a minimum.  Tinned meat can often result in smelly breath and smelly poo! It works out very expensive and many brands have not got the correct contents that a giant breed like the Neapolitan Mastiff needs.

Your puppy requires, at present, 4 meals daily.  It cannot eat enough in one lot to sustain it for the whole day.  When the puppy reaches 12-16 weeks you can reduce to 3 larger meals until 6-9 months, when you can reduce to 2 meals.

I always feed our adults twice a day, we feed a combination of Raw Tripe & Raw Chicken with a scoop of mixer in each meal, to try to reduce the risk of Bloat (gastric torsion) this I would recommend.

Most adults eat around 2-4lb of meat a day (depending on the individual) plus a good quality complete food or if you are sticking to just feeding dry food i.e. the Royal Canin follow the recommended guide lines on each bag (I will advise when collecting the puppy), I split this into two meals a day, depending on the size and individuality of the dog as each dog can vary dramatically as to how its feeding needs can differ from dog to dog.

When you take your puppy and if it’s under 12 weeks of age I would feed it a daily total of 4 tumblers of Royal Canin (split into 4 meals).

But of course your puppy is an individual and like us some put on weight quicker than others– adjust the amount and frequency of the meals as necessary. We are always available for help and advice.

marina pups at 6 weeks old 8
Our Puppies are whelped and raised on Royal Canin Baby Milk and then introduced to Royal Canin "Giant Puppy" we begin to introduce raw Ox tripe and minced raw Chicken at about 12 weeks and bone meal (as required).


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