Our Mastini Shoe Success

What the Future Holds


7 One of many dogs that I have brought into the UK "Hartu imported from Italy for blood line, his families longevity, history of good clean eyes without operations to improve, his healthy skin, coat, clean feet and not excessive overtype but correct type, he is 7 in this photo.


for the future, Healthier Dogs that live to a better age, many of my dogs are regulary reaching 8-9 years and their eyes seem to be as good at 6-8 as they were at 2 years old, the general condition of the skin has improved and is continuing to do so from 10 years ago (careful breeding) and visits to the vets have been much less over the past few years.

We want our dogs to be with us as long as possible and active and healthy throughout its life, careful selection when breeding is important and the key forward.

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