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Steve Cox Judges the ATIMANA in Rome Italy 2014

7th September 2014 the big day arrived for me to return to my favourite Mastino Show of the year, The ATIMANA this year held in Rome Italy, but not as a competitor but as one of the two judges, judging the females.
I was truly honoured to be offered this appointment last year after I won the Group there and I would like to thank the president of the ATIMANA Giuseppe Alessandra for allowing meto exceed once again my dreams and be hands on with some very beautiful Mastina.

Thanks also to Nello Crimaldi Giuseppe's ATIMANA right hand man and vice President for organising the event and making it such a special day.

Many other people who helped out and gave up their time to make the event run smoothly and professionally.

Congratulations to all who attended winners and none winners, just taking part and turning up at this historic event is the important thing here and supporting our beloved breed worldwide.

Tommaso Derosa for his Best in show Male and of course to Nello, Della Rupe Kennels for his Best Female and Reserve Best in Show.

It was also great to see some old friends again even for a short time.

Again thank you for affording me the time and well done to all.

See you all next year!

But not as a judge!



Following our success at the 2012 ATIMANA in Italy for the second year running Rayvonley Kennels won the Group bringing home the TROFEO DELLE NAZIONI "CHALLENGE" 2013! This has never been done before in the history of showing Mastino from anybody else in the UK

2013 we showed Rayvonley Canziano, Rayvonley Leone, Rayvonley Hartu, Rayvonley Fabia and Rayvonley Ambra all at the same time to win the group.

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Officially born in October 1993, A.T.I.MA.NA. responds to the demands of

the main European national Clubs which represent the interests of the Neapolitan

Mastiff in their respective Countries, and it is the first, and as yet the

only, international association for an Italian Breed.

Both European and worldwide Neapolitan Mastiff Clubs can affiliate to A.T.I.MA.NA., as long as they are already recognised by the Kennel Club of their Country.

A.T.I.MA.NA. intends to respect fully national and international regulations as provided

by the various Kennel Clubs and the F.C.I. - itself.

One of the main aims of the Association is the promotion, care and development of

the Neapolitan Mastiff at international level, in full and complete obedience to the

Italian Standard as approved by the F.C.I.

By this we mean, however, a care and development, not just in terms of principle,

but also of a direct commitment, on the one hand to ascertain the true value of

specimens produced in the various Countries, and on the other to study and monitor

the state of health of the Breed.

To this end, we inaugurated the annual A.T.I.MA.NA. championships, which are

held in the various member countries in rotation, which offer a verification and a

comparisons of technical and sporting interest, in parallel with the annual

”International Scientific Conference on the Neapolitan Mastiff”, which aims to consolidate

our knowledge of the main pathologies and health problems which affect

the Breed, and thereby to search for a solution to them.

A.T.I. MA. NA. is advised in its activity by internationally recognised Scientific Consultants

specialising in the Breed, furnishing an exchange of experience which is

certainly of benefit to breeders or simple enthusiasts.

To complete the picture of our activities, we organise meetings and conferences on

the Neapolitan Mastiff in Europe and overseas, which aim to encourage a wider

knowl edge of the Breed and arrive at a consensus of opinion, especially important

for harmonious development of the Breed in respect of the standard.

In all these initiatives, a role of primary and fundamental importance is carried out

by the Clubs affiliated to A.T.I.MA.NA., which are, increasingly, the true backbone

of the organisation.

Since 1993, the date of its official birth, its President has been the Arch. Giuseppe

Alessandra, all-rounder judge of the Italian Kennel Club - E.N.C.I. - and the F.C.I.,

and a noted authority on the Breed.

Giuseppe Alessandra



©2012 Rayvonley Mastini